Be The Reading Mom Who Slays

Be the reading mom who slays with these 3 can't miss books - @toulousentonic

If you’re a parent, chances are you’re gonna end up being required lucky enough to go read to your child’s class at some point during the preschool or elementary years. The first time I was “lunch mom,” which is what they call it at my 8yo’s school (too close to Lunch Lady for my taste), […]

My Night With Prince (a sorrowful goodbye)

My night with Prince that I'll never forget - @toulousentonic

The night I spent with Prince still stands as one of the sexiest nights I’ve ever experienced in my life. There were no milk baths. Thousands of candles were not flickering around the bathtub as we faced each other while he gave me that sexy smirk. We were not at Paisley Park nor in a swanky […]

The Benefits of Giving Your 3 Year Old A Camera

The dangers of giving a 4 year old a camera

We gave our 3yo son (now 4yo) an awesome little camera for Christmas. It was one of the few gifts he was excited about. To be honest, he’s just not a toy person – at least not our toys. He’d rather be getting into something he’s not supposed to be getting into – messing with his […]

This Unicorn Changed The Way I Poop

The Potty Training Trick This Unicorn Knows About That You Don't! - @toulouseandtonic

I used to work in the ad business and I’m one of those people who like the commercials way better than the football during the Superbowl. That being said, it’s hard to impress me when it comes to ads. I’ve written them, I’ve produced them, I’ve (yawn) just about seen it all. And then I […]

This Car Wash Made Me Fail At Adulting.

Adulting Fail at the Car Wash - LOL - @toulousentonic

Dear Gas Station Attendant I had an unwanted encounter with this morning: I am a little sorry that I scared you. You see, I had dropped off my older child at school and was on my way to drop off the younger one. We were running out of gas and weren’t particularly pressed for time, so […]

10 Things to Blame on the Easter Bunny

10 Things to Blame on the Easter Bunny

Easter is coming and I thought you might want to be prepared with some things you can easily blame on the Easter Bunny. Enjoy this throw-back from a few years ago. 1.  The death of the Elf on the Shelf.  As evidenced by this crazy card created by East Coast Mommy blog, it is entirely […]

7 Signs You’re a Peecrastinator

7 signs you're a peecrastintor

Are you as lazy as I am when it comes to getting up to go the bathroom to pee? I mean, I don’t play around when it’s poop time (unless I’m somewhere where I feel extremely uncomfortable about doing it) but when it comes to pee, I’ve always tried to hold it for as long […]

Advice to Myself Before Marriage and Kids

Letter to Myself, BEFORE Marriage and Kids. Great advice. - @toulousentonic

If only I could put this letter into a little time machine and send it back to me in 2003. I could’ve saved myself so much worry. I could’ve made sure I filled all those new worry-free hours with fun or “me” time. I could’ve squeezed the most out of having no one to worry about […]

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