Daddy’s Parenting Wisdom

Leave your boys with your husband and 3 things will happen:

This post was actually written 3 years ago but my  husband’s wisdom stands the test of time. Read it and weep (with laughter). This past weekend, I left my husband and the boys here to fend for themselves while I went to BlogU.  To their credit, I barely heard from them the entire time I was […]

Honest Beer Labels For Dads

Honest Beer Labels for Dads

Who deserves a brewski more than dad? Whether it’s Father’s Day or any other time of the year, dad has his own reasons for needing a beer. But wouldn’t it be a nice shortcut to which one he wants if we just went ahead and put the reason WHY he’s drinking on the label? My Honest Wine […]

Top 10 Signs I Chose the Wrong Baby Daddy

10 Signs I Chose The Wrong Baby Daddy - @toulousentonic

This is a guest post by a friend of mine named Greta. She’s smart and funny and awesome and just happened to make a very bad choice in a Baby Daddy, so she thought she’d write about it for you. Did any of you choose the wrong baby daddy? *post contains affiliate links. If you […]

Genius Tricks to Take the Stress Out Of Family Photos

Genius Trick for Taking The Stress out of Family Photo Shoots

I recently learned a GENIUS TRICK to take the stress out of family photo shoots. Why is this important? Because taking family photos is always a trigger for someone, right? I’m not sure what it is, but somebody always freaks out and starts a fight, which sets you up for some not-so-good pictures. Sometimes the […]

Advice to Myself Before Marriage and Kids

Letter to Myself, BEFORE Marriage and Kids. Great advice. - @toulousentonic

If only I could put this letter into a little time machine and send it back to me in 2003. I could’ve saved myself so much worry. I could’ve made sure I filled all those new worry-free hours with fun or “me” time. I could’ve squeezed the most out of having no one to worry about […]

12 Honest Wine Labels For Moms

Honest Wine Labels for Moms - @toulousentonic

You can now buy honest wine labels for moms here! Let’s be honest, moms. We love drinking wine. We neeeed our wine. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out which one to buy from the mumbo jumbo about lemons, oak, artisan soil and huckleberry on the label, not to mention keeping your kids from breaking […]

Terrible Marriage Tips

Terrible marriage tips (that might not be all that bad) - @toulousentonic

I’m sort of known for talking about my marriage (and my husband) and giving what might possibly be terrible marriage tips – all in good humor of course. But I honestly think there are probably some good lessons to be mined, even from my story about torturing my obsessive-compulsive husband with a spaghetti squash. Very specific, I […]

More Honest Wine Labels For Moms

More Honest Wine Labels for Moms - @toulousentonic

These wine labels are now available to purchase here or on etsy. Now you can make sure those gift baskets have lots of honesty in them, ladies. So judging by the number of you who visited the blog to read the original 12 Honest Wine Labels for Moms™, I’m guessing the thought of choosing your wine by WHY […]

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