Daddy’s Parenting Wisdom

Leave your boys with your husband and 3 things will happen:

This post was actually written 3 years ago but my  husband’s wisdom stands the test of time. Read it and weep (with laughter). This past weekend, I left my husband and the boys here to fend for themselves while I went to BlogU.  To their credit, I barely heard from them the entire time I was […]

Honest Beer Labels For Dads

Honest Beer Labels for Dads

Who deserves a brewski more than dad? Whether it’s Father’s Day or any other time of the year, dad has his own reasons for needing a beer. But wouldn’t it be a nice shortcut to which one he wants if we just went ahead and put the reason WHY he’s drinking on the label? My Honest Wine […]

How To Test Your Marriage

Test Your Marriage. Will it hold up? - @toulousentonic

Everyone who’s been around here for a while knows I like to play tricks on my husband. One of my very favorite is The Spaghetti Squash Test aka the “How To Torture Your Obsessive Compulsive Husband test.” I consider these “tricks” little tests that measure the strength of our marriage. Shut your trap, some of us […]

Top 10 Signs I Chose the Wrong Baby Daddy

10 Signs I Chose The Wrong Baby Daddy - @toulousentonic

This is a guest post by a friend of mine named Greta. She’s smart and funny and awesome and just happened to make a very bad choice in a Baby Daddy, so she thought she’d write about it for you. Did any of you choose the wrong baby daddy? *post contains affiliate links. If you […]

Terrible Marriage Tips

Terrible marriage tips (that might not be all that bad) - @toulousentonic

I’m sort of known for talking about my marriage (and my husband) and giving what might possibly be terrible marriage tips – all in good humor of course. But I honestly think there are probably some good lessons to be mined, even from my story about torturing my obsessive-compulsive husband with a spaghetti squash. Very specific, I […]

Mumbling Through Marriage

Mumbling through marriage - because sometimes communication is a bad thing. @toulousentonic

I recently ran across this post of mine from about a year and a half ago and couldn’t stop laughing. My husband and I – our communication is bad but somehow it works for us. Read on for guaranteed LOLs. “Is zis a mas freezer man?” Gabe says to me as he passes through the […]

15 Things My Husband Would Never Figure Out Without Me

15 things my husband would never figure out without me - @toulousentonic

Earlier in the week, I wrote 15 Things I Would Never Figure Out Without My Husband but let’s be real.  The main reason I wrote that is so I could write this. And though the title 15 things my husband would never figure out without me is slightly inflammatory, it’s still funny.  I admit, my husband is a […]

15 Things I Would Never Figure Out Without My Husband

15 Things I Can't Figure Out Without My Husband (or won't) - @toulousentonic

I’ll be honest with you. The title 20 things I would never figure out without my husband is not particularly accurate. I’m pretty smart and used to be very self-sufficient before I had someone around upon which to foist my learned helplessness. I’d probably figure out (or already know) how to do most of these things if I […]

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