10 Treats The Bank Teller Should Be Giving Mom

10 treats the bank teller should be giving MOM - @toulousentonic

* Post may contain affiliate links They’re so sweet at our bank. Every time I go through the drive-thru with the kids and dog, they pass back a sucker for each kid and a milk bone for the dog with my deposit slip. Man, my kids and dog LOVE to go to the bank. I, however, […]

20 Things That Make My Uterus Hurt

20 Things That Make My Uterus Hurt - @toulousentonic

** Posts May Contain Affiliate Links My baby just turned 3 and even though my baby factory is more than closed – it’s condemned – I suddenly discovered that my lady bits still want to be heard. Meyer’s 3rd birthday party made my uterus twinge to the point of pain (my baby’s not a baby anymore!). So in the […]

Why You Should Let Your Kids Celebrate Christmas All Year Long

Why you should let your kids celebrate Christmas all year long @toulousentonic

My kids adore Christmas so much. Even though they’re half-Jewish, they can’t get enough of Christmas. I’m sure yours are the same (unless you don’t celebrate it). Here’s why I’ve decided to let my kids celebrate Christmas all year long. * Post contains affiliate links Yesterday the little one insisted on wearing this pajama getup. […]

DIY Construction Birthday Cake

Easy 3 step DIY Construction Birthday Cake - @toulousentonic

I’m more of a #craftfail mom most of the time but my DIY Construction Birthday Cake left everybody wowed, including Today.com. And best of all, it involved only 3 easy steps. My 3yo is nuts about everything construction. One of his first frequent words was “digging.” Every single time we’d drive by even the most minimal of […]

How To Be More Productive As A Stay At Home Mom

How to be more productive as a stay at home mom - @toulousentonic

Before I became a stay at home mom, I was a career gal for a looong time. I was used to the satisfaction of efficiently checking things off my list as I went through my day. But then I had a baby, decided to stay home with him – and everything changed. Everything except my […]

10 Things I Hate About Disney World (and some smart work arounds)

Things I Hate About Disney World - @toulousentonic

Last week, I wrote How To Stay Sane at Disney World, including tips about saving money and scoring that cocktail you need, even in the Magic Kingdom. We had a really great time at Disney World and Universal Studios but there is definitely an art to doing it right (read: not losing your entire wallet and […]

How To Stay Sane at Disney World.

Sanity (and money) saving secrets to Disney World plus how to score that drink you want - even at the Magic Kingdom

Are you one of the throngs planning a trip to Disney World and/or Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida anytime in the next few years? It’s expensive but totally worth it to be a kid with your own kids in the most magical place on earth. My husband and I just took our oldest (7yo) and spent about […]

New Year’s Eve Before Kids and After Kids

New Year's Eve Before Kids and After Kids

Sometimes I miss the old days where my New Year’s celebration ended with my head in the toilet from drinking too much champagne instead of my kid’s head in the toilet because he’s caught yet another stomach virus. Either way there’s vomit involved but at least I had earned it the fun way before kids. […]


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