Top 10 Signs I Chose the Wrong Baby Daddy

10 Signs I Chose The Wrong Baby Daddy - @toulousentonic

This is a guest post by a friend of mine named Greta. She’s smart and funny and awesome and just happened to make a very bad choice in a Baby Daddy, so she thought she’d write about it for you. Did any of you choose the wrong baby daddy? *post contains affiliate links. If you […]

Win 11 Books and a $225 Amazon Giftcard with our Summer Reading Giveaway!

Win 11 Books & a $225 Amazon Gift Card with our Summer Reading giveaway! - @toulousentonic

What’s that, friends? You feel that gorgeous sunshine on your back and hear those birds chirping? Yup, it’s officially SUMMER! And to all the readers of the world, that means one very, very important thing: it’s time to dig into that summer reading list! Been a little too distracted by the end-of-school insanity to bone […]

10 Ways Boys Can Help You Burn More Calories

10 Ways Having Boys Can Help You Burn Calories

I have two boys, and even though I grew up with only sisters, I’m now in a male-centric household. It’s me, my husband, two crazy boys and a dog. At least the dog’s a girl. Solidarity, sister! <fist/paw bump> Between the constant stinky feet, pee all over my bathroom and boogers wiped on my furniture, some times […]

The Happy Campers

The Happy Campers at Gulf Coast Exploreum - @toulousentonic

For 3 years, I’ve been picking my oldest son up from summer camp at the Gulf Coast Exploreum only to find a kid so happy, he’s smiling and jumping up and down and in the best mood ever. Asher started going to Exploreum camps the summer he was 6. We picked up the brochure while […]

Funniest Moms on the Internet, Volume 5

The funniest mom blogs on the internet in one place! - @toulousentonic

It’s time for the next edition of my roundup of the funniest mom blogs I’ve read lately. I’ve been running around the internet collecting the most hilarious posts for you and here are the ones that stood out in the blooming month of May (and June because … slow). Find a seat in the shade and get to […]

Expecting Your Second Child And Freaking Out The First One Will Suffer?

Expecting your second child and freaking out that the first one will suffer? It's more common than you think.

I found this unpublished post that I wrote right after Meyer came home from the NICU four years ago and I have no idea why I never published it. I suspect it has something to do with 5-7 doctor appointments per week at the time but anyway, I read it and remembered so clearly the […]

I Finally Got A Little Balance In My Life

I finally got a little Balance in my life and boy does it taste good - @toulousentonic

When my husband is out of town (which happens often) and I inherit all the responsibilities that come with two young kids, a dog, a house and, well, life, I pretty much always lose it by the 3rd day. I start off strong on day one. I’m running the kids around, I’m picking up the […]

The new book “I Just Want To Be Perfect” is Here at Last!

I Just Want To Be Perfect - and boy, did I fail

Just in time for your summer “lock yourself in the bathroom” reading time comes the next in the New York Times Best-Selling series, “I Just Want To Be Perfect.” 37 stories about trying to be perfect as wives, mothers, women, people…and failing miserably. Thank goodness there’s so much laughter in the failing. Especially for you. I […]

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