Learning, Exploring and Having Fun!

Gulf Coast Exploreum in Mobile, Alabama

For the 4th year in a row, we’re going to be part of the  Gulf Coast Exploreum summer camp family. And that should tell you a lot about them. Asher started going to Exploreum camps the summer he was 6. We picked up the brochure while we were there one day (we’re members because the kids love to […]

Solving the Mystery of our Dog’s Ancestry

Find out the ancestry of your pet with Wisdom panel! - @toulousentonic

This very interesting post about mixed breed ancestry is sponsored by Wisdom Panel® Canine DNA Test but both Hadley and I assure you our opinions are our own. When I got married to my husband, I had a mean little dog named Brady that’d had me all to himself for a very long time. He […]

The Happy Campers

The Happy Campers at Gulf Coast Exploreum - @toulousentonic

For 3 years, I’ve been picking my oldest son up from summer camp at the Gulf Coast Exploreum only to find a kid so happy, he’s smiling and jumping up and down and in the best mood ever. Asher started going to Exploreum camps the summer he was 6. We picked up the brochure while […]

I Finally Got A Little Balance In My Life

I finally got a little Balance in my life and boy does it taste good - @toulousentonic

When my husband is out of town (which happens often) and I inherit all the responsibilities that come with two young kids, a dog, a house and, well, life, I pretty much always lose it by the 3rd day. I start off strong on day one. I’m running the kids around, I’m picking up the […]

Genius Tricks to Take the Stress Out Of Family Photos

Genius Trick for Taking The Stress out of Family Photo Shoots

I recently learned a GENIUS TRICK to take the stress out of family photo shoots. Why is this important? Because taking family photos is always a trigger for someone, right? I’m not sure what it is, but somebody always freaks out and starts a fight, which sets you up for some not-so-good pictures. Sometimes the […]

I do it – ALL BY MYSELF!

I do it - all by myself! - @toulousentonic

Today’s process of trying to teach Meyer to brush his teeth all by himself is sponsored by Orajel™ Kids but opinions are my own, except for those that are Meyer’s. He’s 3 so he has lots of opinions. Meyer’s at that age (3 3/4 to be precise) where he wants to do EVERYTHING by himself. I don’t mind […]

When You Care Enough To Send The Very Most Inappropriate.

Shoebox cards are the only ones I send.

This post is sponsored by Shoebox, whose inappropriateness is only matched by my own. So naturally I approve this message. I have a talent for inappropriateness. I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just my wonky way of relating to people. It’s almost like an accidental test. I say something inappropriate to someone I don’t (or […]

I Finally Found The Mom Jewelry I’ve Always Wanted!

The Perfect necklace for moms - @toulousentonic

My oldest is not that far from turning 8 years old and I swear, since he was born I’ve been looking for a necklace to represent him and me and my husband. In short, our little family. He was 4 1/2 and I still hadn’t found one I liked and then we had another son. […]

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