How Becoming a Parent Turned Me From An Extrovert Into an Introvert

How Parenting Turned Me From An Extrovert to an Introvert - @toulousentonic

Before I had kids, there was no one who would describe me as anything other than an extrovert. I went out all the time, I was social as could be, sometimes I even danced on tables if I’d had enough juice. But then becoming a parent turned me from an extrovert into an introvert. The […]

I Want To Go Back To College. And I Want To Be 18.

I Wanna Go Back To College and I want to be 18 again - @toulousentonic

I’m having this huge battle with the green-eyed monster lately. Well, I exaggerate. It’s not a huge battle but it’s at least a small one. There may not be guns or I dunno, cannons involved, more like one person has a spoon and the other has a feather duster and they’re just kind of slapping each […]

Genius Tricks to Take the Stress Out Of Family Photos

Genius Trick for Taking The Stress out of Family Photo Shoots

I recently learned a GENIUS TRICK to take the stress out of family photo shoots. Why is this important? Because taking family photos is always a trigger for someone, right? I’m not sure what it is, but somebody always freaks out and starts a fight, which sets you up for some not-so-good pictures. Sometimes the […]

My Night With Prince (a sorrowful goodbye)

My night with Prince that I'll never forget - @toulousentonic

The night I spent with Prince still stands as one of the sexiest nights I’ve ever experienced in my life. There were no milk baths. Thousands of candles were not flickering around the bathtub as we faced each other while he gave me that sexy smirk. We were not at Paisley Park nor in a swanky […]

20 Things The Second Baby Taught Me

differences between first and second child

My little one will be 3 in a couple of months and I’m feeling nostalgic as his babyhood slips away.  I remember wondering if there was enough room in my heart to love another child as much as I loved the first one.  Turns out, there was no need to worry — and this one from […]

Little Boy in the Men’s Room. This Mom’s Dilemma.

Little boys in the men's room: what to do when your son doesn't want to go into the ladies' room with you anymore - @toulousentonic

Yesterday my 1st grader didn’t have school and because he’s kicking butt this semester, I wanted to take him out for a special treat.  We ended up seeing Big Hero 6.  So great – best kid movie I’ve seen since Despicable Me. Except for the villain Yokai.  I guarantee he’ll be responsible for me getting […]

20 Things That Never Get Old About Having Kids

Things that Never get Old about Having Kids - Toulouse & Tonic

So many things about having kids are boring and stressful and repetitive and get old really, really fast.  Like diaper changing, wiping butts, the crying, the lack of sleep, the never-ending efforts to feed people involving shopping, cooking, cajoling and cleaning up.  The bathing, the fighting, the paci retrieving, the constant echo of “Mommy, mommy, mommy.” […]

What Makes a Father?

What makes a father? - Toulouse & Tonic

My dad was almost never on time, but he always showed up. When I was in elementary school, Gene was a postman.  He always wore an official postal service-blue pith helmet to protect his head from the sun, carried a skinny can of dog-spray and drove a super cool mail truck with low built-in benches in the back that I […]

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