Expecting Your Second Child And Freaking Out The First One Will Suffer?

Expecting your second child and freaking out that the first one will suffer? It's more common than you think.

I found this unpublished post that I wrote right after Meyer came home from the NICU four years ago and I have no idea why I never published it. I suspect it has something to do with 5-7 doctor appointments per week at the time but anyway, I read it and remembered so clearly the […]

Why You Should Go To The Movies Alone

Why you should go to the movies alone - Toulouse & Tonic

Well into my adulthood, I’d never once been to the movies alone – nor even out to dinner by myself.  I thought it would be weird and that I’d feel creepy, lonely and maybe the worst – that people would think I was a friendless loser. But last night, I went to see Boyhood (by Richard […]

The P Word


A friend recently mentioned that her daughter had started to say the P word and that made me remember this little gem so I thought I’d reshare. And just for your own reference, ignoring it did eventually work. But it took a while. Read on. I’ve always known the day would come when my kid […]

The Proper Way to Accept a Gift You Hate

The Proper Way To Accept A Gift You Hate by Toulouse and Tonic

A couple of years ago, I gave my husband a Wii for Christmas.  He was very happy.  So happy in fact, that he played way into the wii hours (see what I did there?) of the night and was so focused on the TV screen, he almost burned down the house.  But more on that […]

How To Sabotage the 3-Day Potty Training Method in 2 Days or Less

How to sabotage the 3 day potty training method in 2 days or less - @toulousentonic

In honor (actually in horror) of the fact that I’m entering the potty training phase with child number 2 (heehee, I said #2), I thought it was time for me to reshare this little gem with you from my first potty-training attempt with Asher, when he was 2. We tried the 3 day potty training […]

The Top 10 Sucky Things About Being Pregnant

10 sucky things about being pregnant

I haven’t been pregnant in more than 2 years (ahem, thank goodness with how this one went down), yet this is still one of my most popular posts.  I guess it’s all you women who, despite all these sucky things about being pregnant, keep doing it again and again and again.  ; )  Sooo, I […]

It’s Time To Go Back To School. #BlogU14

Faculty BlogU

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to go back to school and get a degree?  Well, good for you, but I can’t help you there. However, if your educational goals are a little looser and you’d like to wrap up your “degree” in a weekend and spend most of your time partying with new […]

Colored People And Other Crazy Things Little Kids Say.


This morning, while in my bathroom getting ready, I hear my almost-5-year-old yelling, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!” from the breakfast table. Annoyed, I get up from my make-up mirror and walk in there. “What’s the issue?” I say. He says to me with bright eyes, like he just remembered a new thing he’d learned, “We’re […]

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