10 Unique Ideas For FREE Summer Activities With The Kids

10 Totally Unique Free Summer Activities for the Family - @toulousentonic

Summer is really swinging now and if you’re anything like us, you’ve already spent way more money trying to entertain the kids (and yourself) than you should’ve. Well, Mike to the rescue. He has really outdone himself this time. I mean, he spent some real time thinking up the most UNUSUAL free things to do […]

9 Ways To Dewussify Your Child

9 ways to dewussify your child - What He Said, by Mike - @toulousentonic

Mike is sick and tired of the wussification of America and he wants you to stop your kids from turning into the little wussies he sees on playgrounds and in restaurants all over this damn country. I’m just gonna step out of the way like the wussy I am now and let him have the […]

Teacher Gifts That Suck

Teacher Gifts That Suck - and what you should get instead from someone with 25 years of experience - @toulousentonic

Mike is back and for the first time ever, I think he truly wants to help you. I think Mike is here in an altruistic capacity. On a mission, if you will — to help you NOT SUCK. In particular, he wants you to not suck in teacher gift-giving. And he knows what sucks. He’s […]

The Lazy Person’s Guide to the 9 Best Inventions of all time.

9 Inventions That Will Help You Be The Lazy Person You Long To Be - @toulousentonic

I love that in this post Mike was inspired solely by things that encourage laziness. The original title of this piece was just something like “People Who Should Be Drinking Free For The Rest of Their Lives Because They Invented These Things,” which in and of itself is pretty hilarious. But then I noticed that […]

10 Practical Things to Teach Your Kids Before They’re Out On Their Own

10 practical things to teach your kids before they're out on their own - @toulousentonic

Mike is feeling prolific these days after a long dry spell. Did I mention that he’s raised 3 awesome kids to adult status? Despite his curmudgeonly habits, he’s actually a pretty awesome dad (plus he has the benefit of a really kickass wife) so today, he offers you 10 practical things to teach your kids […]

9 Bad Things My Kids Did That Made Me Laugh

When kids do bad things and you can't help but laugh - @toulousentonic

**posts may contain affiliate links Mike is back with a “What He Said” entry that’s definitely one of my favorites in a long time. I’d only gotten to #1 and I was LOL. This one is about those bad things kids do – and while you’re correcting them on the outside, you’re laughing your ass […]

10 Things I Hate About Disney World (and some smart work arounds)

Things I Hate About Disney World - @toulousentonic

Last week, I wrote How To Stay Sane at Disney World, including tips about saving money and scoring that cocktail you need, even in the Magic Kingdom. We had a really great time at Disney¬†World and Universal Studios but there is definitely an art to doing it right (read: not losing your entire wallet and […]

New Year’s Eve Before Kids and After Kids

New Year's Eve Before Kids and After Kids

Sometimes I miss the old days where my New Year’s celebration ended with my head in the toilet from drinking too much champagne instead of my kid’s head in the toilet because he’s caught yet another stomach virus. Either way there’s vomit involved but at least I had earned it the fun way before kids. […]

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