How To Stay Sane at Disney World.

Sanity (and money) saving secrets to Disney World plus how to score that drink you want - even at the Magic Kingdom

Are you one of the throngs planning a trip to Disney World and/or Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida anytime in the next few years? It’s expensive but totally worth it to be a kid with your own kids in the most magical place on earth. My husband and I just took our oldest (7yo) and spent about […]

New Year’s Eve Before Kids and After Kids

New Year's Eve Before Kids and After Kids

Sometimes I miss the old days where my New Year’s celebration ended with my head in the toilet from drinking too much champagne instead of my kid’s head in the toilet because he’s caught yet another stomach virus. Either way there’s vomit involved but at least I had earned it the fun way before kids. […]

8 Holiday Decorations That Look Good Enough To Eat

8 holiday decorations that look good enough to eat - @toulousentonic

Here’s one from a few years ago that deserves to be shared again.  Check out 2yo Asher who seems convinced that Christmas bulb is a lollipop.  HAHAHA! Some holiday decorations look too good to just hang on the tree or put on your mantle, don’t you agree? I mean, we all know you shouldn’t but […]

20 Things My Boys Would Never Figure Out Without Me


Last week, I shared with you 15 Things My Husband Would Never Figure Out Without Me and 15 Things I’d Never Figure Out Without My Husband (written mostly so I could write the other one). This week, it’s all about my boys. I wrote 20 Things My Boys Would Never Figure Out Without Me.  I meant […]

15 Things My Husband Would Never Figure Out Without Me

15 things my husband would never figure out without me - @toulousentonic

Earlier in the week, I wrote 15 Things I Would Never Figure Out Without My Husband but let’s be real.  The main reason I wrote that is so I could write this. And though the title 15 things my husband would never figure out without me is slightly inflammatory, it’s still funny.  I admit, my husband is a […]

Frozen Fever. And a giveaway.

Win a great book that teaches you how to do Disney Princess hairstyles from @toulousentonic

Do you know what Frozen fever is?  If you have little girls, I bet you do. I have boys and the 7yo is all like, “I HATE Frozen. It’s a GIRL movie.” And when commercials for anything Frozen come on, he says “Boo, boo, boo, boo.” So naturally, so does the 2yo because he wants […]

How I Idiot Proof My Holiday Entertaining

BJ's Cooking Club

This post is sponsored by BJ’s Cooking Club – the only cooking club I’m allowed to be a member of. I’m not gonna say I don’t know HOW to cook exactly.  I can follow instructions well enough. It’s just that I don’t have time for those instructions to be complicated.  I have 2 crazy little boys […]

Christmas Might Not Be In His Genes but It’s In His Jeans

Our Christmas Tradition is on the line. - Joe Boxer at Kmart

This post is sponsored by Joe Boxer and my long-time Christmas tradition. My husband and I don’t share a religious background but we do share a very playful sense of humor.  It’s what makes us work.  And let’s face it, I could never be with someone who didn’t enjoy a little mischievousness, during the holidays and all year […]


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