Funniest Holiday Blogs on the Internet

Funniest Holiday Blogs on the internet

It’s time for the HOLIDAY EDITION of The Funniest Blogs on the Internet and these are some of my favorite Christmas (and assorted other holiday-oriented) posts I’ve come across recently. Only the best for you. Happy ChristmaKwanzaHanukkah! Honest Wine Labels for Moms – Holiday Edition – You’ve seen my Honest Wine Labels for Moms (and if you haven’t […]

See Daddy’s Home In Theaters Christmas Day!

Daddy's Home is the perfect movie to see with your whole family - opening in theaters nationwide on Christmas Day

This post is sponsored by a seasonal stream of holiday dysfunction, as well as SocialMoms and the movie Daddy’s Home. But first, the holiday dysfunction. Around our house, we have our own particular brand of holiday dysfunction because I’m Christian and my husband is Jewish. We observe a kind of blended holiday we call Chrismukkah. This holiday […]

9 Ways To Dewussify Your Child

9 ways to dewussify your child - What He Said, by Mike - @toulousentonic

Mike is sick and tired of the wussification of America and he wants you to stop your kids from turning into the little wussies he sees on playgrounds and in restaurants all over this damn country. I’m just gonna step out of the way like the wussy I am now and let him have the […]

Honest Wine Labels for Moms – Holiday Edition

Honest Wine Labels for Moms - Holiday Edition - @toulousentonic

Buy Holiday Honest Wine Labels for Moms here! You can also get them (and my other versions) on etsy. Let’s be honest, moms. We love drinking wine. We neeeed our wine. And there’s no time we need our wine more than the holidays. What with all the hats we already wear – and now we’ve got […]

The Elf on the Shelf is Dead

elf on the shelf, shenanigans, making messes, naughty

It’s been one year since our poor Mr. Jingles left us so tragically. A poor Elf on the shelf, gone way too soon. (For some people, but not for me.) Yes, it’s true. The Elf on the Shelf is dead. We are gathered together today to pay tribute to one of the fallen, Mr. Jingles. […]

Our First Broken Heart

What to do when your son's heart gets broken - @toulousentonic

I wait in the car line, listening to a podcast, left elbow propped on the car door, head resting against my palm. And then the line starts to move and I see him at the same time he sees me. It’s his second day in his new glasses and I swear, I wonder for a […]

100 Funny Kid Quotes That Will Make You LOL

More than 100 real funny kid quotes that will make you LOL - @toulousentonic

Today, my 3yo told me he’d be right back, he was just going to the “diamond room” for a minute. As much as it might sound to you like we’re running a strip club in our home, I’m pretty sure he meant the room where we eat dinner. That’s just the beginning of the funny […]

I do it – ALL BY MYSELF!

I do it - all by myself! - @toulousentonic

Today’s process of trying to teach Meyer to brush his teeth all by himself is sponsored by Orajel™ Kids but opinions are my own, except for those that are Meyer’s. He’s 3 so he has lots of opinions. Meyer’s at that age (3 3/4 to be precise) where he wants to do EVERYTHING by himself. I don’t mind […]