7 Signs You’re a Peecrastinator

7 signs you're a peecrastintor

Are you as lazy as I am when it comes to getting up to go the bathroom to pee? I mean, I don’t play around when it’s poop time (unless I’m somewhere where I feel extremely uncomfortable about doing it) but when it comes to pee, I’ve always tried to hold it for as long […]

Advice to Myself Before Marriage and Kids

Letter to Myself, BEFORE Marriage and Kids. Great advice. - @toulousentonic

If only I could put this letter into a little time machine and send it back to me in 2003. I could’ve saved myself so much worry. I could’ve made sure I filled all those new worry-free hours with fun or “me” time. I could’ve squeezed the most out of having no one to worry about […]

The Lazy Person’s Guide to the 9 Best Inventions of all time.

9 Inventions That Will Help You Be The Lazy Person You Long To Be - @toulousentonic

I love that in this post Mike was inspired solely by things that encourage laziness. The original title of this piece was just something like “People Who Should Be Drinking Free For The Rest of Their Lives Because They Invented These Things,” which in and of itself is pretty hilarious. But then I noticed that […]

How To Make a Mardi Gras Centerpiece

How to make a Mardi Gras Centerpiece - @toulousentonic

Making a stunning Mardi Gras centerpiece can be easier than you think with little expense and just a few simple steps. My 4-year-old son was born in the middle of Mardi Gras so every year, he wants a Mardi Gras-themed party. This year, since he was turning 4, we gave him a real shindig, complete […]

Honest Wine Labels for Moms – Valentine’s Edition

Honest Wine Labels for Moms, Valentines's Day edition - @toulousentonic

Buy Valentine Honest Wine Labels for Moms  (as well as my everyday honest wine labels and other holiday versions) on etsy now! Let’s be honest, moms. We love drinking wine. We neeeed our wine. And if there’s any time of year we deserve our wine, it’s Valentine’s Day. We’re buying and preparing 73 Valentines and an equal number of cupcakes for […]

It’s a Mardi Gras Miracle!

The Mardi Gras Miracle - @toulousentonic

It’s officially Mardi Gras time here in Mobile, Alabama (we were first New Orleans, deal with it) and boy, does my family gets excited about Mardi Gras. I had a cold this weekend and decided to stay home (I have been attending these parades my whole life so if I miss one or two, it […]

How Do You Backstep From Hussy?

How do you back step from the word HUSSY? When your kid gets his heart broken - @toulousentonic

I know that sounds like a new dance but it’s not. At least, not yet. Today, the little girl that broke my son’s heart decided after a couple of months that she wants to be his girlfriend again. He is ecstatic. Like soul-singing happy. It’s strange because he talked about his broken heart for a couple […]

How To Test Your Marriage

Test Your Marriage. Will it hold up? - @toulousentonic

Everyone who’s been around here for a while knows I like to play tricks on my husband. One of my very favorite is The Spaghetti Squash Test aka the “How To Torture Your Obsessive Compulsive Husband test.” I consider these “tricks” little tests that measure the strength of our marriage. Shut your trap, some of us […]

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