Terrible Marriage Tips

Terrible marriage tips (that might not be all that bad) - @toulousentonic

I’m sort of known for talking about my marriage (and my husband) and giving what might possibly be terrible marriage tips – all in good humor of course. But I honestly think there are probably some good lessons to be mined, even from my story about torturing my obsessive-compulsive husband with a spaghetti squash. Very specific, I […]

An Experienced Dad’s Thoughts on Discipline

An experienced dad's thoughts on child discipline - what works, what doesn't and what never to do

My friend Mike is back and he’s wading into some controversial waters and taking on how to discipline your children. It’s a hot button topic right now but Mike’s not scared to talk about it – and that’s what makes him unique. Well, that and his sense of humor. As always, you’re gonna chuckle, but […]

Advice To My (Bad) Dog.


Dearest Hadley: Your ears are comically large yet you still can’t seem to hear anything I have to say. I think it’s time for a a little talk.  You may not wanna hear this but the truth of the matter is, you’re the trouble-maker of the family.  If you’d just heed my simple advice, you’d […]

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