Daddy’s Parenting Wisdom

Leave your boys with your husband and 3 things will happen:

This post was actually written 3 years ago but my  husband’s wisdom stands the test of time. Read it and weep (with laughter). This past weekend, I left my husband and the boys here to fend for themselves while I went to BlogU.  To their credit, I barely heard from them the entire time I was […]

10 Ways Boys Can Help You Burn More Calories

10 Ways Having Boys Can Help You Burn Calories

I have two boys, and even though I grew up with only sisters, I’m now in a male-centric household. It’s me, my husband, two crazy boys and a dog. At least the dog’s a girl. Solidarity, sister! <fist/paw bump> Between the constant stinky feet, pee all over my bathroom and boogers wiped on my furniture, some times […]

5 Reasons Winning a Nappie Award Sucks

In case you haven’t heard, I moved from Atlanta back to my hometown of Mobile, Alabama almost 2 years ago. I just HATE <sarcasm font> being back here as anyone who asks me how I like being a Mobilian again can testify. And now my blog has been voted Best Local Blog or Website in […]

Mom’s Guide to Dinosaurs

Mom's Dinosaur Cheat Sheet - @toulousentonic

*Post may contain affiliate links I don’t know about you but I come from a girly family and until I had boy children, I had never had a single conversation about dinosaurs (lucky me) that didn’t involve Land of the Lost. Now I have 2 boys and dinosaurs are one of the only things we ever freaking […]

DIY Construction Birthday Cake

Easy 3 step DIY Construction Birthday Cake - @toulousentonic

I’m more of a #craftfail mom most of the time but my DIY Construction Birthday Cake left everybody wowed, including And best of all, it involved only 3 easy steps. My 3yo is nuts about everything construction. One of his first frequent words was “digging.” Every single time we’d drive by even the most minimal of […]

26 Ways To Make Sure Your Future Daughter-in-law Loves You.

Never lose your boys! 26 ways i'm making sure my future daughter in law loves ME! - toulouse & tonic

Although I wanted daughters my whole life, I ended up having two awesome boys instead. I’ve always been a bit of a guy’s girl so in the end, someone knew better than I did. But coming from a family of all girls, I was really scared when I found out I was carrying a member […]

Mommy, Will You Marry Me?

fake pink engagement ring

At their request, I was wrestling with the boys last night and they said they wanted to “double team” me. Ick. That reminded me of this post so I thought I’d share it with you again. Last night, my kindergartner offered me a garish pink ring with a big crown on it and asked me […]

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