Funniest Holiday Blogs on the Internet

Funniest Holiday Blogs on the internet

It’s time for the HOLIDAY EDITION of The Funniest Blogs on the Internet and these are some of my favorite Christmas (and assorted other holiday-oriented) posts I’ve come across recently. Only the best for you. Happy ChristmaKwanzaHanukkah! Honest Wine Labels for Moms – Holiday Edition – You’ve seen my Honest Wine Labels for Moms (and if you haven’t […]

The Elf on the Shelf is Dead

elf on the shelf, shenanigans, making messes, naughty

It’s been one year since our poor Mr. Jingles left us so tragically. A poor Elf on the shelf, gone way too soon. (For some people, but not for me.) Yes, it’s true. The Elf on the Shelf is dead. We are gathered together today to pay tribute to one of the fallen, Mr. Jingles. […]

The Proper Way to Accept a Gift You Hate

The Proper Way To Accept A Gift You Hate by Toulouse and Tonic

A couple of years ago, I gave my husband a Wii for Christmas.  He was very happy.  So happy in fact, that he played way into the wii hours (see what I did there?) of the night and was so focused on the TV screen, he almost burned down the house.  But more on that […]

I Beliebe. But That’s Just Me.

A Jewish kid writes all over a Santa drawing that Santa is fake and being Jewish is cool

Just this week alone, I became a HuffPo contributor, an In The Powder Room writer AND a Belieber. I’m not sure which one is more shocking but I do know which one is most likely to get me arrested. But I’m not in the Big House, even though I wrote my name on Justin Bieber’s […]

10 Things to Hate About the Holidays

10 things to hate about the holidays

Oh yes, my friends.  Mike couldn’t let the holidays go by without a little something for you.  And why yes, it IS a middle finger.  Seasons greetings! 10 Holiday Ass Whips What he said, by Mike Planned Celebrations – At work I am a planner, at home I like to just go with the flow.  So, […]

A Jew, a Christian and a Christmas Tree

Tall Christmas trees, choosing a tree, Chrismukkah, Christmas

A certain sad-sack once rescued a forlorn tree from certain Christmas oblivion, giving it a home and a single ornament to call its own.  When Charlie Brown saw that sad, lonely tree, it spoke to him and he knew it was meant to be. This year, a tree spoke to my husband.  Just like that. […]

The More Bang For Your Buck Gift Guide for Toddlers

great value gifts for toddlers

This post is several years old (my kids are now 9 and 4) and I just went down the list and I still stand by everything I said. These are the things they played with the most and the longest. At 9 and 5, they are still playing with the magnatiles, the gears, the bath […]

The 12 Days of Chrismukkah (Sing-along!)

The 12 Days of Chrismukkah song

My husband is Jewish and I’m Christian. We’ve been married for 8 years so we’ve figured out a way to make the holidays work for us. We celebrate Chrismukkah. And here for you, whether you’re an interfaith couple or not, is our very special holiday song — The 12 Days of Chrismukkah.  It’s best sung […]

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