Solving the Mystery of our Dog’s Ancestry

Find out the ancestry of your pet with Wisdom panel! - @toulousentonic

This very interesting post about mixed breed ancestry is sponsored by Wisdom Panel® Canine DNA Test but both Hadley and I assure you our opinions are our own. When I got married to my husband, I had a mean little dog named Brady that’d had me all to himself for a very long time. He […]

Romance and the bedwetter

Dog in elizabethan collar

A million particles of cosmic riffraff dance in the first rays of morning sunshine creeping their way through my bedroom blinds.  Even half asleep, seeing it makes me afraid to breathe in.  These thoughts and my deeply furrowed brow might brand me a philosopher in your eyes.  But no.  It’s just a hangover.  And it’s […]

Advice To My (Bad) Dog.


Dearest Hadley: Your ears are comically large yet you still can’t seem to hear anything I have to say. I think it’s time for a a little talk.  You may not wanna hear this but the truth of the matter is, you’re the trouble-maker of the family.  If you’d just heed my simple advice, you’d […]

Immunity Building Measures For Babies and Toddlers

old dog in diaper

Modern medical science has proven that it’s actually a good thing for babies and kids to get sick.  Being exposed to germs from “others” helps their little bodies build the immunity they’ll need to get through life without becoming a victim to every germ they ever come into contact with. The #1 doctor-sanctioned way to […]

The Top 5 Baby Toys Of All Time.

Hello, giant people of the world who walk on two feet.  My name is Meyer and I’m a baby.  I recently started crawling and pulling up and boy, have I discovered a lot of new play options in this multi-roomed wooden box we live in.  The toy choices, just to start, are now much more […]

Life With A Pet Reindeer

Dear Santa letter asking for a reindeer

Last year, I took Asher to Macy’s so he could put his carefully crafted (by me) Dear Santa letter directly into Santa’s very own mailbox.  I made him stand on tippy toes and pretend to put the letter in the box for 10 minutes while I took photo after photo. It was the kind of […]

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