The Sound That’s Going To Make Your Head Explode

How to stop the chaos with just one sound - @toulousentonic

Since my youngest boy became verbal, I’ve found that I mostly use only a handful of words, phrases and sounds on a daily basis – most of them meant to either stop a fight between the two boys or get them to stop making all the sounds. *post contains affiliate links I really think that […]

Funniest Moms on The Internet – Volume 4

These moms will make you laugh, make you cry, make you want to drink lots of wine. @tolouseandtonic

It’s time for my (semi) monthly roundup of the funniest mom blogs I’ve read lately. I’ve been running around the internet collecting the most hilarious posts for you and here are the ones that stood out in this hot sweaty month of June. Get a glass of sangria, hold the neck of your shirt out and […]

100 Funny Kid Quotes That Will Make You LOL

More than 100 real funny kid quotes that will make you LOL - @toulousentonic

Today, my 3yo told me he’d be right back, he was just going to the “diamond room” for a minute. As much as it might sound to you like we’re running a strip club in our home, I’m pretty sure he meant the room where we eat dinner. That’s just the beginning of the funny […]

Unprofessional Parenting Advice

(un)professional parenting advice that'll knock you out - @toulousentonic

*post contains affiliate links I am known far and wide for my professional parenting advice. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face even over the internet on that one. What I’m actually known for, if anything, is finding the humor in this crazy, imperfect, chaotic, relentless job called parenting. And so here for you is […]

I STILL Just Want To Pee Alone – More of the Funniest Mom Blogs on the Internet – Volume 2

Funniest Mom Blogs on the Internet at

* This post contains affiliate links It’s time for round 2 of The Funniest Mom Blogs on the Internet (you can find Round 1 here) and these are some of my favorite posts of the entire last year because you deserve the best. Happy reading! But first – guess what? I’m in a new book. […]

Show Me The Funny This June!

Before we get started with June’s Finding the Funny, I’m teaming up with a few of my co-hosts to bring you an awesome giveaway! Sara from Cormier Creative is a fabulous graphic designer and has helped countless women bring their blog (and brand) to the next level. She recently gave Anna at My Life and […]

Show Me The Funny!

Letter to me, circa 2003

Welcome to May’s Finding the Funny! Meet the Hosts Anna @ My Life and Kids Kelley @ Kelley’s Break Room Robyn @ Hollow Tree Ventures Kerry @ HouseTalkN Julie @ I Like Beer and Babies Keesha @ Mom’s New Stage Meredith @ The Mom of the Year Anna @ Random Handprints Ellen and Erin @ […]

Show Me The Funny (and a HUGE giveaway)!


Welcome to April’s Finding the Funny! Before we start sharing our funny posts, we have a (huge) giveaway! My Parenting Victory (and a HUGE giveaway)! After his bath last night, my kindergartner started messing with his ear again.  I decided it was time for me to put on my doctor gloves.  I probably don’t need […]