Funniest Moms On The Internet, Volume 6

Funniest Mom Blogs on the Internet in One Place

It’s time for the next edition of my roundup of the funniest moms on the internet. I’ve been scouring the www collecting the most hilarious posts for you and here are the ones that stood out in the unbearable heat of summer. Find a seat in the shade and get to reading, and maybe put on some Depends. It’s gonna […]

Be The Reading Mom Who Slays

Be the reading mom who slays with these 3 can't miss books - @toulousentonic

If you’re a parent, chances are you’re gonna end up being required lucky enough to go read to your child’s class at some point during the preschool or elementary years. The first time I was “lunch mom,” which is what they call it at my 8yo’s school (too close to Lunch Lady for my taste), […]

Top 10 Posts of 2015

Top 10 posts of 2015 for Toulouse & Tonic - get ready to laugh

2016 is upon us. 2015 was, well, challenging. I had many goals, most of which I didn’t achieve. But I did achieve some things I hadn’t planned – so yay for accidental successes, I guess. I usually let my hair grow long in the winter and instead, this Fall I got a great new short […]

Watch this hilarious mom’s day video

It seems like between last year and this year, the idea of Mom’s wanting a day off for Mother’s Day has really gained momentum.  Last May, I wrote about the scandalous idea of wanting the whole weekend to myself and there was actually some backlash.  This year, everyone’s coming out of the closet.  If you […]

7 Exit Strategies for Playdates

exit strategies for bad playdates

Just like first dates, playdates can go really wrong really, really fast.  Just ask my friend Bad Playdate. This mom is so tenacious — no matter how many bad playdates she has, she just goes back for more.  And chronicles them for you.  To hilarious effect. I’m not a fan of playdates, honestly.  I was […]

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