Win $500 and manhandle the holidays LIKE A BOSS.

Checked Twice graphic

CheckedTwice is a free online gift registry for families and friends to create and collaborate on holiday and special occasion wishlists – making gift-giving simple, organized, and fun. CheckedTwice makes it easy to add gift ideas from anywhere, create and manage lists for younger children, share gift giving across family, friends, and other groups, and […]

Giant Fall Reading Giveaway

giant reading giveaway

Do you love reading? Enjoy free stuff? Did you miss the boat on summer’s GIGANTIC, multi-blog reading giveaway and you want another chance to win?!?! Well, we’ve delivered, except for one tiny difference – this time, it’s EVEN BIGGER! Even more of your favorite bloggers have joined together to bring you the hugest giveaway on […]

A Million Thanks. And a giveaway.


Today, I’m wishing that I had $1 for every pageview my blog has had over the last 10 months.  Cuz then I’d have One Miiiiiiiillion Dollars!  (just another way Dr. Evil and I are exactly alike). But just in case you were wondering, uh, nope.  No, I don’t. But what I do have is YOU […]

I’m Casting Some Voodoo Your Way.


I’m not sure how many of you get the connection between “Toulouse” and New Orleans, LA.  Anyone?  Anyone? Here, let me give you a hint. Now you’re in on my secret.  New Orleans is the motherland of Toulouse and it’s there that I first encountered Madame Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo.  Let me tell you, […]

White Girl (W)Rapping


It’s the Friday (w)rap-up, dawg. This week, at Toulouse & Tonic, I wrote my most favorite post ever — a profane expose about the dysfunctional Berenstain Bears clan.  Special thanks to Ninja Mom for letting me be one of her stealth assassins. If you enjoyed The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV:  Bitch PLEASE, you’ll […]

Tis The Season (& A Giveaway!)

This is the week that I realized the holidays are already upon us.  Yep, that’s right.  My life is so crazy I had no idea Thanksgiving was next week until my MIL called me to ask me what I dish I was making this year. My husband has a crazy large (I just realized that […]

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