Daddy’s Parenting Wisdom

Leave your boys with your husband and 3 things will happen:

This post was actually written 3 years ago but my  husband’s wisdom stands the test of time. Read it and weep (with laughter). This past weekend, I left my husband and the boys here to fend for themselves while I went to BlogU.  To their credit, I barely heard from them the entire time I was […]

How Becoming a Parent Turned Me From An Extrovert Into an Introvert

How Parenting Turned Me From An Extrovert to an Introvert - @toulousentonic

Before I had kids, there was no one who would describe me as anything other than an extrovert. I went out all the time, I was social as could be, sometimes I even danced on tables if I’d had enough juice. But then becoming a parent turned me from an extrovert into an introvert. The […]

10 Practical Things to Teach Your Kids Before They’re Out On Their Own

10 practical things to teach your kids before they're out on their own - @toulousentonic

Mike is feeling prolific these days after a long dry spell. Did I mention that he’s raised 3 awesome kids to adult status? Despite his curmudgeonly habits, he’s actually a pretty awesome dad (plus he has the benefit of a really kickass wife) so today, he offers you 10 practical things to teach your kids […]

100 Funny Kid Quotes That Will Make You LOL

More than 100 real funny kid quotes that will make you LOL - @toulousentonic

Today, my 3yo told me he’d be right back, he was just going to the “diamond room” for a minute. As much as it might sound to you like we’re running a strip club in our home, I’m pretty sure he meant the room where we eat dinner. That’s just the beginning of the funny […]

Unprofessional Parenting Advice

(un)professional parenting advice that'll knock you out - @toulousentonic

*post contains affiliate links I am known far and wide for my professional parenting advice. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face even over the internet on that one. What I’m actually known for, if anything, is finding the humor in this crazy, imperfect, chaotic, relentless job called parenting. And so here for you is […]

More Honest Wine Labels For Moms

More Honest Wine Labels for Moms - @toulousentonic

These wine labels are now available to purchase here or on etsy. Now you can make sure those gift baskets have lots of honesty in them, ladies. So judging by the number of you who visited the blog to read the original 12 Honest Wine Labels for Moms™, I’m guessing the thought of choosing your wine by WHY […]

20 Things The Second Baby Taught Me

differences between first and second child

My little one will be 3 in a couple of months and I’m feeling nostalgic as his babyhood slips away.  I remember wondering if there was enough room in my heart to love another child as much as I loved the first one.  Turns out, there was no need to worry — and this one from […]

20 Things That Never Get Old About Having Kids

Things that Never get Old about Having Kids - Toulouse & Tonic

So many things about having kids are boring and stressful and repetitive and get old really, really fast.  Like diaper changing, wiping butts, the crying, the lack of sleep, the never-ending efforts to feed people involving shopping, cooking, cajoling and cleaning up.  The bathing, the fighting, the paci retrieving, the constant echo of “Mommy, mommy, mommy.” […]

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