The Weekly Wrap-up

Toulouse was a busy, busy girl this week, so much so that she has decided to talk about herself in the third person today.

Monday, she was in the “bedroom” at Bonbon Break with what at least 95% of professional complainers say is her most passive-aggressive post ever, 8 Signs Your Husband Is Annoying You Around The House.

This post must’ve hit a nerve because it was also the #2 Funny Fave over at Finding The Funny this week.  It’s worth clicking over there just to read the extraordinary range of funny stuff coming from mom bloggers all over the internet.  That is, if you like to laugh.  If not, surprise!  You’re a robot.

On the same day, T&T’s family elf embarrassed the shit out of her by admitting to all the naughty things he’s been doing in the off-season. Check out the perv at

An incredibly craptastic spider cookie Toulouse made for her kindergartner was also featured on CraftFail with a glorious description of said failure by writer Robyn Jackson Welling.  Apparently, it was a monumental #craftfail with laughter reverberating around the internet because Ugly Spider Cookie then made The Buddy Bulletin #humor.

Toulouse’s favorite part of the CraftFail review is when Robyn says its eyes are “melting off its face and technically it’s short a couple of legs.”  In fact, Toulouse laughed so hard while reading this review, her tears had to be wiped away with a royal tissue at least 3 times.

Since she is a stubborn person who will not accept defeat, Toulouse tried to wing Halloween cupcakes this week.  Perhaps crafting is not something “we” should make a career of.  But, the kid ate the cookie and the cupcakes.  So there.  We’re not gonna mention that his standards are kinda low.  Does it have sugar?  Bottoms up.

Okay, the joke’s stale.  Let’s break a cardinal rule of writing and just switch voices right in the middle of the piece.  Because I am a rule-breaker.  Yes, I am.


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Bully shaming began at T&T on Tuesday morning. I talked about a few of the bullies who scarred me for life in various ways and you know what? It made me feel better.  I want you to get in on the action too. Purge yourself by making your own sign, taking a picture and uploading it here or emailing it to [email protected] Or tweet it to @bullyshaming.  I really think there’s a chance, if we can make bully shaming happen, some people might just realize how much their words and actions hurt others and how deep and long-lasting those scars can be.

Bully Shaming

There are some fantastic bully shaming photos and stories that friends have shared with me and I’ll be featuring all of them in a post next week.  Their stories are extremely varied but have one thing in common.  They were bullied, and it stuck with them enough that they want to do something about it.

I also reviewed this little book, where you upload a pic of your kid’s face and they print it on every page. The 5-year-old had a good time trying to find his face among all the others but I think it might be even better for kids a little bit younger.

And this little guy learned to sit up.  But clearly thinks it’s overrated.

TGIF, I heart Saturdays, and all that shiz to you all. Be back next week raring to bully shame and leave lots more passive-aggressive notes to my annoyed husband who has asked for a 3-month break on being made fun of on the internet.

Not a chance, by the way.

We have fun.

You go have fun too.

See you next week.


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  1. It was a delight to have you! And your freaky elf.

    • ashersmom says:

      He’s doing penance until Thanksgiving, at which point I will have to forgive him because I need him with which to threaten my kids.

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