21 Ways to Tell if You’re Becoming Your Mother

Some people can’t wait to become the woman that is their mother.  Other women have spent their young lives thinking, “I’ll never be like that.”  But guess what?  You will.  The minute you have a kid, it starts and before you know it – you’ve morphed into her.  Wonder if it’s happening to you?  Here are 21 ways to tell if you’re becoming your mother.

21 Ways to tell if you're becoming your mother - @toulousentonic1.  You say things like “Today’s music is just not as good as it used to be – no one can hold a candle to Flock of Seagulls.”

2.  You yell your kid’s full name at him when he’s in trouble.

3.  You’ve become a “mombie” and walk round with that glazed, disconnected look in your eyes all the time.

4.  People have entire conversations with you that end with you saying, “Huh?”

5. You find yourself wishing food came in pill form.

6. You choose a car based on how many kids it can hold instead of how cute it is.

7. You find yourself muttering the phrase “Wait til your father gets home!”

21 ways to tell if you're becoming your mother - @toulousentonic9. You think carline is one of the best inventions in the world.

10. You go to 3 separate grocery stores in one week.

11. The biggest luxury in your life is occasionally sleeping until 8am.

12.  You regularly employ the Sniff Test –  burying your face in a pile of clothes you find on the floor to see if it’s dirty dirty or just dirty.

13.  Your shelves are now full of ceramic handprints and bad school photos instead of vases and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

14.  You’re never in any of the photos because you’re always the one taking them (a sure sign you’re becoming your mother).

15.  You used to have 20 pairs of strappy high heels in rotation. Now you have 2 pairs of slip-on flats.

16.  You never change purses and when you do finally clean yours out, you find a half-eaten cheesestick, a barrette and a small plastic dinosaur with a melted gummy bear stuck to it.

21 ways to tell if you're becoming your mother - @toulousentonic18.  You used to “travel light.” Now you’re a human pack mule.

19.  You’re the one everyone cackles at because you laugh like a seal.

20. You regularly utter the phrase “Don’t bother your father.”

21. You cry whenever someone says, “They grow up so fast.”

I have to admit most of these apply to me these days, but I still haven’t given in to the mini-van or the mom haircut.

I bet you can think of more signs you’re becoming your mother.  What are they?

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  1. These are so great!! I’m definitely turning in to my mother and there are days that’s annoying but most days I’m too tired to care 😉

  2. Ever glance in a mirror and see your mom looking back? GAHHHHH!!!!

  3. Oddly enough, except that is my norm, my daughter is becoming my mother who was a martini drinking, beautiful woman who never stopped wearing strappy high heels Me? My hip hurts unless I wear the sneakers with the orthotic.

  4. whenmomwrites says:

    Number one
    “I hope your kids are just like you.”

  5. My eldest daughter, who at 38 has no children and plans keeping it that way, posted on FB the other day that she was turning into me…she told a young co-worker who was leaving to attend class, “Don’t forget your lunch! Be smart!” (my daily send-off when she was young.)

  6. For me it’s “because I said so.” It’s just easier to start with that sometimes! Oh, and my first CD was Flock of Seagulls. Just needed to get that off my chest!


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