The Funniest Moms on the Internet

I bet you follow a few of your favorite mom bloggers, right?  But it’s impossible to keep up with everyone all the time.  So just to make sure you’re not missing anything so funny, you’ll pee yourself, I thought I’d do a little Hilarious Mom Blog round-up.  Here are some of my favorite funny mom blog posts.  Get a glass of wine and get to clicking!

Funniest Mom Blogs on the Internet in one place by Toulouse & TonicBecause it’s my blog, I’ll start. This may not be my most popular post of all time, but it inspires the strongest reactions.  i.e. people say they laugh so hard, it hurts.  Check out Mama Bear Berenstain and her sandy vagina.

And from my friend, Mike (who technically is a dad not a mom but he’s funny so who cares), check out The Top 10 Sucky Things About Being Married to a Pregnant Woman.

If you haven’t heard of Janel From, Girls, the Care and Maintenace of, you’re missing out.  I mean, if you like to laugh and aren’t afraid of some salty language.  And clearly you’re not if you’re here on my blog.  Please go read Someone didn’t save my life tonight, sugar pig about the time she found herself in a shitty situation that you’ve probably been in too. To reach in or not to reach in? That is the story.

I don’t have girls and so have luckily escaped the whole Frozen phenomenon.  Asher hated it because “there was too much singing” and Meyer is too young to have seen it yet.  I did notice however that at least half the little girls I see these days have their hair in two braids – a look that was not particularly popular a year ago.  So I’m starting to see that the chick set is pretty crazy for Elsa.  Brenna from Suburban Snapshots, on the other hand, is not.  Here’s Enough Already with Elsa.

It may not be Christmas time but you know those crazy Elf on the Shelf mamas don’t give two craps about that.  They’re busy spending half their day making giant messes to blame on that nasty creature and then the other half cleaning up the same mess. Courtney from Our Small Moments will help you decide What Kind of Elf on the Shelf Parent are You?

Have you always wanted to wear Tom Selleck on your ass?  Well, haven’t we all?  Stephanie from Binkies & Briefcases actually did it.  See it for yourself: My Tom Selleck Tramp Stamp

If you’re tired of listening to your kids complain about how hard they have it, this rant from Kim of Let Me Start by Saying will have you laughing and nodding your head in agreement. And give you some more ammo to throw at the ungrateful little suckers.  A Message for my Beloved Children Who Think Their Lives are Really Hard

Paige Kellerman made me laugh out loud with How To Cheat on Your Hairstylist.  You may have done it but you can’t make it funnier than Paige.

Alicia from Naps Happen had me at the title of this one: Ding Dong The Deck’s a Bed.  No, seriously – I keep snickering every time I type it.  Go see it.  It might make you rethink your sleeping quarters.  But probably not.

Do you know when to stop talking and are always hungry for some loving?  Then you might have the 12 Characteristics of a Perfect Wife.  I know I do.  NOT.  Stephanie from I’m Still Learning provides the perfect quiz.

Jen of People I Want To Punch in the Throat gives you a peek Inside MY Closet – as if she was one of those silly women photographed in their perfectly organized walk-in closet in magazines.  The trip through her closet is much, much funnier. She gives some awesome advice about covering problem areas.

Have you had “The Talk” with your kids yet? Robyn from Hollow Tree Ventures gives you the low-down (so to speak) on front buns in How to Teach Your Kids about Their Privates. It might not help you get through the talk but it’ll help you get through the day.

I think Mommy Shorts’ husband and my husband have taken the same Fatherhood 101 course because Gabe is also really good at all Ilana’s husband’s techniques.  Especially #3. He could teach a course on that one all by himself.

Okay, so I know the title of this one doesn’t sound funny – I Ran Over 5 Ducks – but in Kelley’s hands (of Kelley’s Break Room), it’s pretty funny.  Not the duck running over part but all the stuff that went through her mind.  When I first saw it, I thought – nope, can’t even read this one.  And then I LOL’d – several times.

You know I love me some MotherhoodWTF – she was one of the first blogs I ever found when I started down this crazy journey called Motherhood and it really helped me to know I wasn’t alone in thinking WTF?  Public Humiliation and Not Just Mine will illustrate the Pavlovian Response to you in a very chocolately kind of way.  You’ll laugh. I promise.

And finally, one more from me, mainly because I know you love to read posts where I humiliate my husband.  This one involves bed-wetting.  Enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed my roundup.  These ladies keep me laughing all the time and I know they will you too.  If you like this, follow Toulouse and The Best of Mom Blogs on Pinterest where I pin my my favorites from around the internet.

In the meantime, stay cool and try and tamp down the cray-cray with a glass of wine or two. Fall can’t be that far away, right? #Only2MoreMonths

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