Holiday Wrapping (up)

I’m feeling so warm and fuzzy today.  Looks like your (sometimes) weekly newsletter will be short on the snark.

Never fear.  My snark well runs deep and strong.  It’ll be back, probably by the end of this update.

A vlog of an interfaith couple singing the 12 days of chrismukkah

The 12 Days of Chrismukkah

Last week, I got my husband tipsy and talked him into doing this:  The 12 Days of Chrismukkah and my 1st vlog.  If you like pumpkin latkes, menorahments and hannucookies, or if you have no idea what those things are (because I made them up), or if you just like to laugh at people who either sing badly or reluctantly, check it out.  Who doesn’t wanna spend 2 minutes laughing at a person in a yarmulke and another in a ridiculous elf hat totally effing up The 12 Days of Christmas song?

little girl covered in flour after baking cookies @toulouseNtonic #bakingcookiesOne of my favorite posts about vaginas (is it weird that my blog has enough posts about vaginas that I can say that?) was featured on BONBON Break last week.  If you haven’t joined Bonbon Break, I highly recommend.  Kathy and Val are the nicest gals going, and every day they offer you a lovely chocolate-coated bite of the best things going on in the blogging world.  Subscribe at, like their facebook page and follow Bonbon Break on twitter.

One invigorating move in the Momsanity workout.

One invigorating move in the Momsanity workout.

Also last week on Bonbon Break, amazing mom blogger Keesha of Mom’s New Stage offered a great (and funny) new way to work off those holiday pounds with her MOMSANITY workout.  She was masochistic kind enough to allow me to illustrate one of the moves.  After you eat these scrumptious vulva candies, get in a Momsanity workout and you’ll magically fit into those pajama jeans without an 80s-style deep-knee-bending and muffin-top-squooshing-down struggle.

This week…  I have to stop and take a sip of mimosa and watch the sugar plums dancing in my head.  Oh what a week.  This is gonna sound totally like humblebragging but I just can’t help myself.  I’m so excited and grateful about reaching some milestones I never in a million years thought I would reach.

With the generous help of some blogger friends, not only did I break my all-time hit record in a day but doubled it on Wednesday.  And even on Thursday, as things wound down, there were still more pageviews than my previous record.

How did this happen?

pacifierI guest-posted on Mommy Shorts with an article about the Top 10 (hilarious) differences between parenting your first child and parenting your second.  Mommy Shorts reported over 1000 facebook likes on the post (I asked her if she’d added a zero or two) and some of her readers made their own funny contributions.  Check ’em out on the Mommy Shorts facebook page.  And thank you, Ilana, for lending me the Mommy Shorts power for a couple of days.  It was fun.  Really, really fun.

MotherhoodWTFThen, ON THE SAME BLESSED DAY, a blogger I’ve stalked since before I started my own blog featured one of my posts.  I’ll just say first that her blog is called MotherhoodWTF and from the first moment I visited, I was hooked.  Allison says all the stuff about mothering you wish you could say.  Profanely.  And intelligently.  Is she profanely intelligent?  Or Intelligently profane?  Who cares?  It’s all the same to me and I love it.  You will too if you have a sense of humor about parenting.  And you must, or you wouldn’t be here.

sweet potato latkes with bacon turn into hash browns

Sweet Potato Latke Notkes. Add bacon to make them even more of a Chrismukkah disaster.

And in the perfect blogging storm of Wednesday, I was also featured on CraftFail again. Yes, again.  This time with my disaster-of-a-shiksa-bride sweet potato latkes.  If I wasn’t so stubborn, I’d stop trying with the freaking crafts.  But I never learn.  Ask anyone.

And then last night, I reached 1000 twitter followers.  Happy sigh.

christmas decorations hannukah decorations garland ornaments snowmen tinselI also posted this silly little thing full of stories about pets pooping out holiday decorations.  Or more accurately, TRYING to poop out holiday decorations.

Hold on, let me check the snark well.  Nope, all dry.

Thank you so much for your support.  This blog gives me a lot of happiness these days.  I’ve been writing it for 2 years or more, but there’s something about it these last few months…I’m guessing the difference is you.

Here is my simple advice to you as we head into the final days before Christmas.  1.  Do NOT go to the mall.  2.  Tipple.  Tipple hard.

Happy holidays.


Awesome things I read this week:

The ABCs of Raising Boys

Jesus Crashed My Birthday Party

Elf Shaming


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  1. Happy Holidays to you and your family, too. Also congrats on the accomplishments (so very well deserved!!).

  2. As a “pizza bagel,” (half Jewish/half Italian Catholic), I have LOVED your wonderful Chrismukkah posts. I don’t have kids myself, but I work with the birth-5 age group and your blog makes me fear incontinence, I laugh so hard. Happy Holidays to you and yours

    • This comment really made me smile. Thank you so much for letting me know and the happiest of Chrismukkahs to you too. Pizza bagel made me LOL!

  3. You had a HUGE holiday season. All of your success is so well deserved. Merry Chrismakkuh to you and yours! xo

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