Meet Sashay LaBootay

sashaylabootayA long time, before the internet was around, there was a game we played to come up with our drag queen names.  Anyone remember?

Your DQ first name is the name of your very first pet and your DQ last name is the name of the first street you lived on.

Mine is Ziggy Dillon.

Hubs drag queen name, as it turns out, would be Mazel Tov Marie.  I think if we just add Antoinette to the end, we might be working with something here.

Mazel Tov Marie Antoinette:  Let them eat kugel.

I dunno.  I’ve always been disappointed in mine.  It just doesn’t have enough of that DQ oomph.

Let me show you what I mean.

Here is a short list of previous competitors on RuPaul’s Drag Race:

Latrice Royale

Jiggly Caliente

Madame LaQueer

Shangela LaQuifa Wadley

Mimi Imfirst

Venus D-Lite

Pandora Boxx

Mystique Summers Madison

Bebe Zahara Benet



A good DQ name has a lot of wink-wink mixed in with some trashy-fancy.  If you can make reference to a female body part and also make it sound French, score one for the lady-boy!

For many years, I considered taking the name of a couple of exits along Interstate 65 in lower Alabama.  There are 2 right in a row that would be perfect for drag queen names.

Georgiana Starlington.

Grace Garland.

Finding those lacking that FMP zing, I thought hard about Garland Minnelli.

But still, something just wasn’t working for me.

As you can see, I take this drag queen name business as seriously as an actual DQ takes tucking..

Finally, last night, in a dream, it came to me.

At last, the drag queen inside me can feel at home in my skirt.

My drag queen name is Sashay LaBootay.

Now if I could just learn to apply makeup with the same expertise as a drag queen.

I need a drag mama, stat!

Btw, you can play this game all over the internets if you want.  Google “drag queen name generator.”  Or just go to sleep, thinking sparkly thoughts and it will come to you as you dream of feather boas.

What’s your drag queen name?


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  1. I just tried one of the online generators out, and my first try came back with “Bera Breast”. 🙁

  2. This is what I got when I tried: Charlamaine Duvet, lol!! Thanks for the pure entertainment this morning!!!

  3. This is awesome! My DQ name is Callie Clinton… Not terrible, but I’m going to keep thinking of a better one…

  4. Lindsay Brewer says:

    If i use the animal/street one…
    Snowball Wright
    Butterscotch Colony
    Candy Coldspring
    Lola Ana Raquel
    Gracie Arid
    …..ugh I’m lame….

  5. Agate Paterson. It has always sounded more fitting for a male porn star than a drag queen!

    • ashersmom says:

      I think that sounds really drag-queeny. Just needs a middle name. Agate LaGia Paterson. Where’s my WIG?!

  6. Jane Manhands? WTF?

  7. Mine is Duchess Chestnut…hhhhmmmm

  8. Shana DeVonne

    Oh my 🙂

  9. When we played this is school it was our current pet/street. Mine was Midge Access which I loved and thought was so awesome.

  10. Love Rupaul’s Drag Race!!! Mine is Frisky Orchid – not too shabby I think. I say Latrice when she came to Columbus! She fierce and fabulous of course. New season starts on the 28th.

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