The Best And Worst Thing About Chrismukkah (and win a FURBY!)

The best thing about Chrismukkah and the worst thing about Chrismukkah?

One word.  Two perspectives.

Kid:  The best thing about Chrismukkah is the presents.  So many presents!

Parent:  The worst thing about Chrismukkah is the presents.  So many presents!

This is one aspect of combining Christmas and Hannukah that we haven’t figured out how to manage in a reasonable way.

Between 2 kids, 8 nights of Hannukah AND Christmas morning, I’m going bananas trying to keep up with the demand and our credit card is smoking.

No matter how long or short your holiday celebration is, I bet you’re overwhelmed with gift-buying too.

So let me help a little.

Today, I’m giving away a cute white Furby courtesy of  Wouldn’t this little guy look just adorbs in the arms of a kid you love?


This little cutie retails for $59.99 but one winner will walk away with him/her/it for free.  A winner will be chosen by random drawing on Sunday and Centsless Deals will ship to the prizewinner on Monday so you’ll have your new pet in time for Christmas. Entries open to citizens of the US only.

To enter, just click on the rafflecopter the form below.  Entries close at midnight on December 16 and the winner will be contacted by email.  Don’t worry, your info won’t be shared with anyone.

For more chances to win a furby or a figit, visit There’s More Where That Came From and Four Plus An Angel.

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  1. I hear you on driving myself crazy with gifts and buying for everyone. Great raffle by the way!!

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