The Craft-haters Guide to Crafting

It’s probably wrong of me to call myself a craft-hater. Although I don’t love it (and I’m clearly not good at it – see my #CraftFails) – every now and then, if something seems easy enough I’ll give it a try. Because even I will admit that it feels good to have someone say, “You made that? It’s adorable”

The Craft Haters Guide to Crafting by Toulouse & TonicBut – and this is a big butt (heehee) – the project has to be very simple because if there are too many steps or you need too many supplies that I don’t already have or (as is usually the case) I don’t even know what some of the things are (rotary punch? music wire? flocked felt?), I give up. I also NEVER read instructions for anything.

My most recent “craft” was a Trim-a-Rim reversible mirror and dry-erase board.  It comes with everything you need, basically – and you get crafty by using their online design studio to make your own designs.  I like computers.  I like easy-to-use design studios.  I have a printer.  How could I screw this one up?  Right?

Someone sent Asher one of the smaller ones and he loves it.  Asher's trim a rimHe’s a little young to have a locker (which they’re awesome for) but he’s loves to draw.  I’ll sometimes come into the room and find that he’s taken the legal pad I write my lists on (it’s a sickness) and drawn on every single page.  The Trim-a-rim (yes, it’s okay to laugh at the name if you  have a dirty mind like me) is great for  him because he draws then erases, draws then erases – and it’s portable so I can just throw it in my bag and bring it out at a restaurant or wherever he gets bored waiting.  So everywhere.

But enough about him. Let’s talk about me.

I thought Ash’s TAR was really cool so I got one for myself to put in the kitchen – mostly so I could leave messages for my husband about what he’s doing wrong around the house.

I didn’t want to use any of the ring inserts that came with it, nor did I want to make one out of wrapping paper or whatever.  I’m a CREATIVE PERSON and an INDIVIDUAL so I wanted to make one that screamed ME. Me, me, me, me, me.  Wait. What was I talking about?

I went to the TAR design studio and clicked around. Easy enough.  Lots and lots of good choices to customize my own.   I put hearts on it and then I increased the size of them so there would just be big pink hearts all the way around.

I printed it then noticed that I’d made the hearts so big the bottoms of them were cut off. Which I clearly should’ve noticed when I was in the design studio but like I implied before – I’m a complete half-asser when it comes to, well, everything.i broke my heart(s) - toulouse and tonic

Anyway, I was fine with the bottomless hearts because it was different – real, real different – and that’s how I like things. But they were missing something.  It was a little too plain for my tastes.

I went to the kids’ craft box (it’s just a plastic bin with a bunch of construction paper and glue in it so don’t get excited) and grabbed some pink glitter.  YES! That’s exactly what it needs, I thought.  A little sparkle.  A little bling.

I quickly put some glue spots around the top of the hearts, poured on some hot pink glitter, put the supplies away and came back to put the rim in my trim – cup of coffee in hand.

I looked down.  I spit my coffee out.

I had made a ring of giant stripper tatas with glitter areolas.

I had created a Boob-A-Rim.

Craft Haters Guide to Crafting - Toulouse & TonicI shrugged.  Oh well.

I wanted my Trim-a-Rim to be very me. And while I was never a stripper (sorry, honey), I definitely have a rack.  It’s a lot lower than it used to be so it’s more of a shoe rack now, but still – a rack. AND my Boob-A-Rim is very practical, because when I write messages for Gabe about the crap he’s screwing up around the house, it won’t be very hard to get his attention.

This post is not sponsored but I did get a Trim-A-Rim for free and so could you.  Leave me a comment below with your favorite, most creative slang word for boobs and the winner will get 2 free Trim-A-Rims (your choice between the larger or smaller ones or one of each).

AND to compensate you for any trauma associated with exposing you to my boobs, I called the manufacturer and brow-beat him for a discount code just for you. Get 20% off your order with coupon code TONIC20 right now plus free shipping if you buy 2 or more.

Don’t screw around and not get one for each kid.  You’ll have a fight on your hands.

If you wanna decorate your TAR with boobs, I highly recommend it. But you’ll have to get your own unless you wanna give me some expensive jewelry.  I may be cheap but I’m not easy.

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  1. Looks like the perfect affortable gift (or a gift to keep in the emergency gift closet) for an tween or high schooler. They love to decorate their lockers in their own personal style!

  2. Sadly… Mosquito Bites. Not. Kidding.

  3. christy says:

    Tatas I think is the funny word for boobs.also hooters that’s rights pair of hooters on my chest always makes me laugh

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