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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.Tracking Pixel

I have a gifting faux pas story I’ve never shared with anyone.  It’s been about 6 years since it happened and today, I’m getting it off my chest by sharing it not with one friend, but with every single one of you.

My husband and I had been married for a couple of years.  We’d drifted into that division of labor thing where he takes out the trash and I do all the laundry.  One of the things I ended up taking on without us ever talking about it was buying all the gifts for every occasion.  Including his family, even though I was new to it.

I happened upon something in an adorable gift shop that I thought was perfect for his mother.  luvocracy, #giftguideitI knew that she often teased about being the Queen Bee of her home and I also knew that the colors of the plaque would fit in with her color scheme.  What a great way to show that I was starting to really know her and could give her a gift that was both a wink to something really personal and an addition to her home decor, which is important to her.

I bought it.  I wrapped it.  And when the time came, we handed it across the table to her.  She smiled and ripped open the paper.  When she saw what it was, I thought I saw a shadow of something pass across her face.  But it was so brief that I thought I’d imagined it.  She beamed and thanked us for the gift.

Some time within the next few months, we made a trip to see Gabe’s parents for a few days.  At some point, I saw the plaque proudly displayed on top of a table in the living room.  But later that same day, I went into her bedroom and saw a second plaque JUST LIKE THE FIRST ONE leaning against the wall in a corner.

*It hits me*  Dramatic intake of breath.  Red face.  Douche chills.

O. M. G.

No wonder I’d thought it was something she’d like.  She already had one and it was displayed in her house!  Who knows how many times I’d seen it without really processing it?  I was so embarrassed — and then really grateful to have a gracious Mother-in-law who never in a million years would’ve told me it was a duplicate of something she already owned.

Sigh.  And I used to really pride myself on gift-giving.  Before I had kids, of course.  Now I just do the best I can.

So in the spirit of helping you avoid gift-giving faux pas — and douche chills — let me share a new tool I’m using for the holidays with you.

Because sometimes the best gift is a gift of organization.

#giftguideit, LuvocracyThere’s this site called Luvocracy.  It sounds kinda naughty but it’s actually very, very nice.  It brings together great products and savvy shoppers from all over the web.  I like the website a lot, but I probably use the (free) app even more because I’m always running around and when I get a moment, I can open it and get a little of my shopping done.

Both the website and the app let you discover shoppers you trust, shop for things you need and buy right from Luvocracy at the best prices.  You can also share your great finds with friends.

I spent a few hours this weekend shopping and while I was there, I created some gift guides because, ya know, why not?  It’s a great way for me to keep my gifting ideas in one place in case I’m not ready to buy at the moment I find the products and a way for me to share things I really like with you.

I put together a gift guide for kids and saved some things I know my 6-year-old wants for Christmas and some other things I know my nieces will like, and I made another one with gifts for toddlers like Meyer.

And then for no other reason except that we’re in a new house and I’m obsessed with home furnishings and decor, I made a gift list for the home too.

#giftguideit, LuvocracyTis the season, so there’s a Guide for Hostess Gifts and a Go-to guide for my girlfriends who I’ve known so long, it seems like I’ve already given them almost everything there is.  When I started looking around Luvocracy for other people’s savvy ideas, I realized I had indeed not given them every cool thing there is to give.

And goodness knows, I love the fact that I can have their little Santa’s helpers scour the web for the best price so I don’t have to do it.  Cuz time is what I don’t got.

#giftguideit, Luvocracy, Luv itI say go now for all the reasons above and this little tidbit:  All new members who sign up now receive a $10.00 credit, automatically credited to their Luvocracy account.

When you see brilliant gifts for gracious mothers-in-law, please let me know.  I know her (and her decor) so much better than I did all those years ago, but hey!  A girl can always use fresh ideas to avoid douche chills, no?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.

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  1. A Queen can never be reminded too often that she is the Queen of her home. So…saying that….I love both of them… both places.
    And of course…yours came first 🙂

  2. I love that story and, I love your mother-in-law. And, can you ever really have too many reminders around the house that you’re the boss?

  3. Douche chills sound horrifying. I think I just felt my fertility shrink right up.

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