The Top 5 Baby Toys Of All Time.

the top baby toys ever


Hello, giant people of the world who walk on two feet.  My name is Meyer and I’m a baby.  I recently started crawling and pulling up and boy, have I discovered a lot of new play options in this multi-roomed wooden box we live in.  The toy choices, just to start, are now much more palatable and sophisticated.

I’m pretty sure that 3 weeks of (trying to) independently explore my environment qualifies me as an expert on all things play so I put together a list for you:  Here are the top 5 toys of all time.

The downside is that my mom seems to think every single one of these fantastical toys is BAD and that I should instead play with boring things like rattles and stuffed bears that sing creepy songs.  Lame-O.

sealofapprovalGive me danger every time.  That’s right, ladies.  I’m a danger-boy.  Come and get me. (Not you, mom.  Stop coming to get me every time I head towards one of these fun toys!)

cords1I don’t know what it is about these things that keeps me coming back.  Did angels invent this soft, gummy rubber?  Because it feels like it fell from heaven.  This teething toy also has a really nice side effect that’ll keep you entertained all day.  Every time you head towards it, your mommy will scream really loudly and then run over to pick you up.  Take a cue from me — works even better than reaching your arms up.


bradyinbowl1This thing is the one of the most sophisticated toys out there.  It’s animated, it walks, runs, makes several loud, sudden, unpredictable noises and does cool things with its teeth.  The downside is it’s impossible to get rid of that stinky smell from the manufacturer, but at least it comes with this cool, blue-green bowl that’s extremely handy to grab from any angle.


water bowl2This is the best swimming pool on the market, hands-down.  It’s an in-door pool, for one thing so it’s always fairly warm.  If you don’t wanna get all the way in, you can splash your hands in the water and watch it fly everywhere or better yet, tip the pool over and investigate which way the water goes.  There’s always lots of interesting things floating in it that you can taste too.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and call this both the best baby pool and best sensory toy all in one.


plant.pulltoyI’ve tried all the pull toys in our house and none are packed with features like this one.  The arms have changed colors several times since we got it, which is fun, and best of all, when you really grab hold of one of them and pull it, confetti flies off and lands all over the floor. So festive!  Extra features include rocking action, occasional wetness, and your siblings pointing at you and yelling for a grown-up!  Excitement abounds!


laundrybasket2I’ve been trying to figure this puzzle out for several months and still haven’t come close. Somehow it seems like there are always pieces in there that weren’t there before.  Either way, LOADS of fun to pull out and rearrange all over the floor again and again and again. Bonus:  very absorbent place to spit up and also comfy for impromptu nap-taking.

So there you have it.  The top 5 baby toys of all time.  A list for the baby by the baby.

Got any ideas I haven’t seen yet?  Hit me up at [email protected]

Also, hey girl.  Can I get yo digits?

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  1. Too funny and will add my two year old thinks the best pool is the toilet bowl and has been now to dip her arms right in all the way up to her elbows. Seriously can’t make this stuff up if I tried, lol!!

  2. I’ll bet those cords ARE fun to chew on! I almost want to try it out, but I’m afraid my kids will see.

    Non-toys really do make the best toys. Right now my five and three year old are playing with the mother of all non-toys, a cardboard box.

    Your baby is ridiculously adorable!

    • Why thank you! I think he’s pretty cute too. Oh the cardboard box! Meyer should’ve totally included that! He calls it a “playhouse.”

  3. I have a Meyer too, but he is already 3 and pulled all those tricks already.

  4. LOL! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week! *giggle* Great list! So glad I’m past that stage. Now if only I could get the hubby house broken….

  5. My oldest boy loved the floor-standing fan. His greatest aspiration was to somehow get his fingers past the guard and into the fan blades.

  6. So true. My daughter is 2.5 and I’ve started to lose my patience with her eating tealights, chewing on the computer cord, fingerpainting with her diaper contents and emptying our entire DVD collection all over the living room floor. The other day I asked her in desperation, “Why? Why do you do this? You have two huge toy boxes full of toys and bookshelves full of books. WHY??” She just laughed and ran over to try to knock a painting off the wall.

  7. Love this! My kids have never been ones to play with toys. Not that it stopped me from trying to get them to play with toys….but man…who needs toys when there’s remotes, shoes, cups, tupperware, and dog toys to play with! Love the photos!!!!! What a cutie pie!!!!

    Have a fabulous day!!!!

  8. Haha! I love this. But the laundry is way more fun to play in if it has already been folded and is left unattended on the couch.

    • I’ve noticed he’s very into this kind of laundry play these days. IF the folded clothes are anywhere they can be reached, he loves to just shake them all out and throw them on the floor in a pile. And THIS is why I don’t bother to fold the clothes. ; )

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