Latke NOTkes

sweet potato latkes with bacon turn into hash browns

Sweet Potato Latke Notkes. Add bacon to make them even more of a yummy Chrismukkah treat. @toulouseNtonic #chrismukkah

Since my husband is Jewish and I’m Christian, we’ve been celebrating Chrismukkah together for years now.  We like to invent new traditions to blend our holiday cultures.  This year, for the first time, I decided make latkes with a Christmas twist…

Just follow the directions below to make your own delicious Chrismukkah latkes.

While you’re cooking, have your partner experiment with some Chrismukkah cocktails.

IMG_0847First up, eggnog, whiskey and blue curaçao.

We shall call this one a Chrismukkah Mistake and we shall never speak of it again.


Pour it down the sink and have your mixologist go back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, open some wine and begin to combine your holiday traditions by cooking Sweet Potato Latkes.

Take 2 sweet potatoes and skin them alive.

peeled sweet potatoes

peeled sweet potatoes

Many recipes call for you to hand-grate the potatoes but since I’m lazy a fan of modern-day appliances, I recommend tossing them right into the food processor until they look like something resembling this.

grate (or grind up) your sweet potatoes

grate (or grind up) your sweet potatoes

The next step involves pressing all the water out of your sweet potatoes in a colander.

I pushed on them so hard, I got really thirsty and was willing to try another Chrismukkah cocktail.  This one involved champagne with Manischewitz drizzled into it.  It was declared drinkable and deemed a Chrismukkah Spritzer.

Chrismukkah Champagne Sprizter

Chrismukkah Champagne Sprizter

I pushed and I pushed and still no liquid came out.

So I sat on them.

Press the water out of the sweet potatoes

Press the water out of the sweet potatoes

The only thing accomplished was that my ass broke the colander.

Oh well.

Next, it’s time to get creative.  Rummage through your refrigerator for something to spice up the latkes.

Aha!  I know what they’re missing!  The most unkosher thing on the planet.

Hello, lover!  You’ll do quite nicely.

baconFry the bacon and crumble it into the sweet potatoes.

Add a teaspoon of cloves, a little honey, 2 eggs and a shit ton of brown sugar.

Mix it all up with your hands.

Pat it into little pancakes and drop them into a hot frying pan with some oil.

Within a couple of minutes, if you lack the latke touch like I do, they’ll start falling apart. Embrace change, stir them up into hash browns and call them Latke NOTkes.

sweet potato latke notkesOy vey.  I’m a disaster of a shiksa bride.

But they were DELISH!

And a new Chrismukkah tradition is born.

Still confused about what Chrismukkah is? Or why my Jewish husband might insist upon buying a tree that’s much too tall for our house, read this.

Happy Chrismukkah!

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  1. Anything with bacon has my seal of approval, lol! Great job and thanks for sharing!!

  2. LOL! It took til the part about frying them up like hashbrowns for me to realize the pic at the top was NOT a photo of Chex Mix! 😛

    And that’s funny – my holiday sweet potato recipe also calls for “a shit ton of brown sugar” (no lie). 🙂

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